The one-horse race that was the Zimbabwe re-elections has been and gone, and yes the winner was the only horse in the race: Robert Mugabe … no surprises there. We all know who won the actual elections, the question on everyone’s mind is why does the international community stand aside and watch whilst the Zimbabwean people have their human rights ignored and abused on a daily basis by the ZANU-PF regime.

The worst outcome from the elections is not that Robert Mugabe won but that Morgan Tsvangirai the leader of the opposition party has agreed to a coalition government with ZANU-PF. On the surface this could be a good thing but let’s not forget who is actually in power in Zimbabwe.

 All those who lost their lives because of their support for the MDC over the years must be turning in their graves. All the families that have suffered as a result of their support for the MDC feel absolutely betrayed by Tsvangirai. Imagine it, half way through the Second World War, Churchill turns around and says: “You know what this Hitler guy is alright after all.” The scale is different but the concept is very much the same.

Hereford-based resistance supporter, Simbarashe Muzembe, said: “The ZANU-PF government should not be in power, end of. They lost the election, where is the democracy in all this?!

“Whilst Tsvangirai is dining with the devil what happens to the rest of the desperate people of Zimbabwe? Instead of joining hands with Robert Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirai should be fighting to bring the ZANU-PF to justice, otherwise it’s all been in vain. What happens at the next elections, is MDC going to run? Or is it gong to be another race between Robert Mugabe and himself. It’s a never ending cycle.”

This is not the first time Robert Mugabe has formed a coalition government: the first one resulted in Zimbabwe being in its current position, so why does Morgan Tsvangirai and his advisers think this one will work?

The fact is, Morgan Tsvangirai has defected to the ZANU-PF and is just going to be another one of Mugabe’s puppets on a string. The people of Zimbabwe want outright change. Having personally witnessed the wrath of the ZANU-PF government Muzembe says there is no way Zimbabwe is a safe place to live as long as the Robert Mugabe is in power, and come the next elections and it will be the same all over again.

So what next for Zimbabwe? “Well, first and foremost Robert Mugabe and his cronies need to be brought to justice, a new opposition party should be set up to stand against the ZANU-PF,” said Muzembe.

“As long they are in power Zimbabweans will never know any peace, justice or democracy and the fallen soldiers will never rest in peace,” he said.


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