It’s been a tough few weeks for Cameron, Clegg and Co.

They’ve been exposed as part of the public school boy elite that runs unequal Britain. They’ve had their ‘slash and burn’ policies questioned by genuine economists as the UK recession worsens. And they’re facing massive resistance from students, workers and tax activists to their hypocritical attacks on the poor. So what’s a seriously unpopular government to do? Listen? Act in the interest of the country rather than those of their rich friends in the City? Nah! It’s time for a bit of ‘divide and rule’!

Senior Tories and the right wing press scrambled to defend Cameron’s sickening attempt to scapegoat British Muslims as ‘the raising of legitimate concerns’ but the excuses were fooling no-one – particularly as his little rant was deliberately timed to coincide with the latest pathetic gathering of racist morons in Luton. We at the Hereford Solidarity League are opposed to ALL forms of bigotry, intolerance and discrimination. We will act to defend the rights of those people who are victimised and exploited – no matter what justifications are used. But we utterly reject the lie that particular ethnic or cultural groups are more responsible than others.

Different faces, same bigoted shit!

The last few months have taught us a lot about bigotry and intolerance in the UK. We’ve witnessed the sexism of British sport presenters, the homophobia of Christian fundamentalist B&B owners, and a huge increase in vandalism against synagogues and mosques. After the encouragement given to them by Cameron and his cronies, we are no doubt going to hear a lot of ignorant crap from the violent thugs who thrive on division in our communities. First, Muslims will be targeted and then attempts will be made to blame all foreigners and ‘deviants’ for Britain’s woes.

The British working class is facing some very real problems at the moment as spending cuts, price rises and job losses take their toll. We must not allow the poisonous lies of racist morons to distract us from the real cause of our problems – the attacks on the poor by the Tory Toffs who run the country in their own interests. Dividing amongst ourselves will only allow the rich scum to get away with their crimes.

The British working class has a long and proud history of fighting injustice. Our grandfathers risked their lives freeing Europe from jack-booted thugs like Franco and Hitler. Our trade unionist and community organisations stood firm against sexism and racism in more recent times. Are we going to betray the sacrifices they made by allowing the stain of fascism to gain a foothold in British politics – particularly at a time when the working class as a whole is under attack? NEVER!

We must stand firm against racists and the Tory Toffs who thrive on the divisions they cause. We must unite against bigotry, intolerance and discrimination wherever and whenever it appears.

We must stand together against our common enemy – the rich elite who think we’re too stupid to see through the games they play!