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Saturday the 17th of December saw the Swindon Anarchists (with a little help from Bristol) taking to the streets as part of a national day of action against banks and tax dodgers called by UKuncut.

The day started with the group targetting Lloyds banks, highlighting the massive taxpayer funded bailouts they have recieved as well as their continued bosses bonus culture.
The group then moved on to Topshop, highlighting the massive tax-dodging antics of owner Philip Green. Green, owner of the Arcadia group (who own most of the shops you will see on an average highstreet) uses his wifes offshore bank account to avoid paying hundreds of millions in tax, depite being one of the wealthiest businessmen in the country.
Hundreds of leaflets were distributed to the public, who were overwhelmingly supportive of the demo and disgusted to learn that the rich are getting richer by cheating the taxpayer while the rest of us suffer in this recession.
At both Lloyds and Topshop, activists entered the buildings, making a bit of noise, leafletting and chatting to customers. In Topshop, a prominent window display was briefly occupied, with anti tax-dodger banners and red and black flags unfurled. All in all another good day out for Swindon Anarchists and hopefully, as part of the national day of action, a pain in the arse for rich, tax dodging scum like Mr Green.
Swindon Anarchists are a growing network of class-struggle anarchists in Swindon and Wiltshire. So far, we have organised and taken part in mostly anti-cuts actions, but our remit includes environmental issues, anti-fascism, workers rights and other progressive issues.

To get involved, drop us an email at  swindonanarchists@riseup.net

We’d also like to give a massive shout out to our comrades in Bristol Anarchist Federation who have always been willing to provide the resources and help we’ve needed to set up the Swindon Anarchists group. Check out what they get up to at bristolaf.wordpress.com

Earlier in the year we reported on Forest Green Rovers Football Club, from Nailsworth in Gloucestershire, and their quest to become a green club. They’ve now introduced a eco-friendly menu for their fans.

From the clubs website:

Forest Green Rovers has launched Britain’s first meat-free and environmentally sustainable menu for football fans.

Offering locally sourced, predominantly vegetarian, eco-friendly food is part of Rovers strategy to create Britain’s most sustainable football club – but the changes are also about health and taste.

FGR Chairman Dale Vince said: “Food is really important for our bodies’ performance but is generally overlooked by people – even in the world of professional football.

“Forest Green Rovers began this journey 12 months ago by changing what we fed the players but it’s just as important to us what we fed our fans. Even in the Premier League fans are not well fed.

“It takes ten times more energy to feed a meat-eater than it takes to feed a vegetarian. So Rovers is becoming the first ever sports club to offer all fans, players and staff an accredited sustainable menu.

“Forest Green Rovers want to lead the way both on and off the field. Football fans are a large and passionate audience, and first and foremost we want to win for our fans but we also want to win over fans to the idea of greater sustainability in sport and in life.”

Chris Todd (left) and Reece Styche with new Green food

Vince continued: “The new menu has gone down well with fans at the tasting sessions we’ve held – although it’s not everybody’s cup of Bovril. But since we took meat off the menu, I’ve had people come up to me and say that they’ve switched to a meat-free diet away from football as well.”

Ultimately Forest Green is becoming a test-bed for the Sustainability in Sport foundation, established by Vince and former-Manchester United player Gary Neville in May this year – with the mission of ‘Greening up sport’.

Facts about meat:

  • The average person in the UK eats 25-50% more meat than World Health Guidelines recommend
  • According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, meat is responsible for 18 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions, more than transport at 13 per cent
  • Livestock production uses 8 per cent of the world’s fresh water
  • Sixty billion animals are farmed for food worldwide every year – the vast majority of them reared intensively in systems that seriously impact on their welfare.”

Maybe it’s something Bulls fans can suggest to Gary Peters at one of the fans forums?

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Atos are the French IT firm responsible for carrying out the government’s Work Capability Assessment which has led to tens of thousands of sick and disabled people being forced into poverty after being stripped of essential benefits. Despite the process being dubbed unfit for purpose and an increasing number of suicides due to the stressful and vicious health testing regime, this form of assessment is to be extended to everyone on some form of disability or health related benefit.

Beginning on Monday 12th December and running up until Christmas benefit claimants, disabled people and supporters will be ringing both local and national Atos Offices to complain about their obscene treatment of sick and disabled people.
How To Get Involved
We urgently need as many towns, cities, groups and individuals to commit to a morning or afternoon shift in the upcoming days and get as many people as possible to ring Atos and complain about their involvement in the Work Capability Assessment.

To maximise the protest we will aim to have as many groups as possible calling Atos at different times in the run up to Christmas. We’ll maintain a list here and on facebook to try and help co-ordinate times/dates and see if we can keep the phonelines buzzing daily in the run up to Christmas. Please contact us by leaving details in the comments on facebook at:  http://www.facebook.com/events/281777128534663/ or emailing us at:  notowelfarecuts@yahoo.co.uk

If you aren’t part of a local group, or even if you are, support the other protests by calling Atos along with them.

Either ring your local Atos Offices, or their corporate headquarters, or why not both! Atos’s main numbers (including a handy freephone number) are:
+44 (0)20 7830 4444 (Tel)
+44 (o)20 7830 4233 (Tel)
+44 (0)800 783 3040 (Freephone)
+44 (0)20 7830 4445 (Fax)

Atos ‘Healthcare’ who run the Work Capability Assessment have a main number at: +44 (0) 113 230 9175

Whilst it’s well worth trying to speak to a manager or senior individual if possible please bear in mind most people taking calls will be low paid receptionist/admin staff so we call on people to be be business-like and non-confrontational. Be aware that is an offence to make telephone calls which are threatening, indecent or offensive. Keep it fluffy. Why not sing them a carol?

Anyone who manages to get through to Atos CEO Keith Wilman will win the customary prize of a free Crisis Loan*

Some calls may be recorded for the purposes of taking the piss.

Brighton DPAC who will be phoning Atos on the mornings of Monday 12th and Monday 19th of December have produced a script/template which can be read out, or emailed/faxed to Atos. Visit their fb event page (below) for details.

Join in online!
You can also contact Atos via email. Their Head of PR can be reached at:  caroline.crouch@atos.net and general enquiries can be sent to:  ukwebenquiries@atos.ne. Atos ‘Healthcare’ can be reached at:  customer-relations@atoshealthcare.com or to ask for a job go to:  jobs@sjbmedical.com

Atos have new facebook groups and pages springing up all the time. Search for Atos on facebook to find them. You can also tweet using the hashtags #atos, we’ll be monitoring twitter for any other hashtags Atos use.

Local Atos assessment centers-

Hereford-  Broadway House, Aubrey Street, Hereford, HR4 0B

Gloucester- Cedar House, Spa Road, Gloucester, GL1 1XL

Worcester- Vine House, Farrier Street, Worcester, WR1 3EL

Workers from many industries took strike action on Wednesday to defend attacks on their pensions from the Tory government.

Teachers, paramedics, nurses, local government staff and others from across Herefordshire downed tools and took part in the strike.

Picket lines were in place outside many offices and schools and over 200 people attended the midday rally in High Town, where speeches were heard from a number of union officials.

Unison organiser, Steve Akers, called on workers to “debate and win the arguments surrounding the pensions and cuts in your communities, workplaces, pubs and clubs”. “Go back to work and organise,” he said.

Herefordshire Unison are continuing to organise around the pensions issue and have called another strike committee meeting for next Tuesday 6th December. Taking place at 12.30 at the Town or Shire Hall (TBC), the meeting is currently open to officials from local union branches only.

Yet the Heckler believes that these meetings should be open to all people affected by the pensions issue, including workers, families, service users and all involved in the struggle against government cuts.

Strike action around the region also received great support. Six hundred people took part in a march in Worcester, after speeches and a rally at Tramps Nightclub. Unions have said over 75% of Worcestershire teachers were on strike. In Gloucester 2,000 people joined the mass rally at Gloucester Park, after marching from Shire Hall.

Nationally, the picture is much the same. Large rallies and thousands of pickets taking place across the country, with over 2 million public sector workers taking part in the action and more supporting them in rallies, on picket lines and in solidarity actions. A national demonstration was held in Birmingham, with tens of thousands also marching in London, Bristol and Manchester. Almost 70% of schools were closed, over 42% of the London Ambulance Service was on strike, along with a third of local council workers and a quarter of civil servants.

Students have acted in solidarity with striking lecturers and other public sector workers, showing that the  pensions struggle is linked with tuition fees issue and other government ‘austerity measures.’ A series of occupations has taken place at universities across the country in the run-up to November 30th, and on the day itself. So far, students have taken part in occupations at Aberdeen, the University of West England, Goldsmiths, Cambridge, Birmingham, Edinburgh, the University of East Anglia, Liverpool, Essex and Royal Holloway. Many also joined picket lines and demonstrations on the day.

Others, including anti-capitalist/anarchist protesters, electricians and UK Uncut also took action. A group of activists affiliated to the Occupy London group spent the day touring London, supporting pickets, joining protests and linking up with other demonstrators. In the evening they broke off and entered a building on Haymarket, occupying the office of Mick Davies, CEO of mining company, Xstrata, a ‘leading light of the FTSE 100’ and one of the highest paid. Activists unfurled a banner saying ‘All power to the 99%’ on the roof, as police kettled supporters below and moved in to make over 20 arrests.

Meanwhile in London, a group of striking workers were kettled by police outside a library in Hackney in a move that shows the increasingly anti-democratic direction that policing in the capital is taking. Forty-one strikers were arrested for a breach of the peace. 

Electricians, who are currently involved in a campaign of early morning pickets and occupations to defend their working contracts, also supported the striking public sector workers.

Anti-cuts group, UK Uncut held what they called a day of ‘SolidariTea.’ They attended picket lines with tea and food for cold strikers.

We cannot doubt the significance of the action. The sheer number of people taking part is something that hasn’t been seen in years. Workers from different industries are showing solidarity with each other and breaking down the government’s public vs. private sector propaganda. Strikers are joining together with students and anti-cuts activists. The struggle is being broadened, with tactics diversifying.

We need to ensure that the links made are cemented and the momentum is kept up. One-day strikes alone will not defeat the government’s programme of cuts and attacks on the workers of this country. More occupations, blockades, go-slows, pickets and protests against government targets, banks and the super-rich are needed. We have many weapons in our arsenal – let’s use them!

Hereford strike committee meeting, 12.30pm Tuesday 6th December, Town or Shire Hall (TBC).

Support striking workers in Hereford – rally in High Town at 12 noon, Wednesday 30th November. 

Wednesday 30th November is to see the largest strike action by British workers in decades. An estimated 3 million public sector workers including teachers, NHS workers and local council employees, will strike in opposition to the Coalition Government’s planned changes to public sector pensions, which will mean workers paying more into pension schemes and working for longer. The TUC coordinated action will include picket lines and rallies across the country, with members of over 20 unions taking part.

Students are supporting the strikes, along with anti-cuts activists, UK Uncut, anarchist groups and many others. Unsurprisingly, the government and other mainstream parties have attacked and condemned the striking workers, and the media have been very hostile towards them.

It is essential that we stand together with public sector workers, against the planned changes to pensions and against other attacks on working class people. It is only through sustained and coordinated action like this, with workers standing together and acting in solidarity with one another, that the destructive government spending cuts can be defeated. An injury to one is an injury to all – support striking workers!

Rallies in support of the strike are also happening at the following places in the region:

  • Gloucester- March startes at 1pm outside Shire Hall. Rally at 2pm at Gloucester Park 
  • Worcester- March starts at 11.30am on Mealcheapen Street. Rally takes place between 12.30-2.30pm at St Andrews Methodist Church.

Details of events across the country can be seen on Unison’s ‘Day of action events map.’

Anarchists have set up a website to keep people updated about the activities of anarchist and radical groups on November 30th. You can view it here.